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33 1/3 proposals can be sent to Proposals are now accepted on a rolling basis.

Please review our updated How to submit a proposal page for more information.

Bloomsbury Music Editor – Leah Babb-Rosenfeld

Bloomsbury Music Editorial Assistant – Susan Krogulski

Marketing, US – Nick Stewart
Nick lives in Brooklyn. He likes dogs, minimalism, and the 1996 film adaptation of Harriet the Spy. His favorite Beatle is George Martin.

Marketing, UK – Lianna Iwanikiw
Lianna lives across the pond in South London. She’s a long-time flute-player with a black belt in karate and a fondness for cosy vintage teashops.

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  1. Ariel

    I love this series! What an ingenious idea. So many fantastic albums that have touched us all in some way or another. Brilliant.

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  3. corlista1

    I have just found your site. I would love to read/have the upcoming book about Michael Jackson by Susan Fast. Will it be possible to purchase and, if so, where?

  4. Nick

    Some of the entries in the series are well written, well researched, and informative and interesting reading but they also vary massively and capriciously in concept, style and focus. Sure, they shouldn’t have to follow a rigid template, but how do you go about getting a refund on any of these books if, after buying it and starting to actually read it, you discover that, despite the title, it has virtually nothing about the album itself but instead is a self-regarding and self-indulgent collection of random anecdotes about the author’s youth which briefly mentions the fact that they bought the album at some point and in which every other word is “me” or “I”? There seems to be limited editorial direction or oversight across the collection, which is fine up to a point, but rather defeats the reader’s reasonable expectation that there might be, at least to some degree, a coherent ethos behind the series and that they might find out more about the album itself than the author.

    • Hi Nick,
      Thanks for your feedback. We feel that each different approach by a different author makes the series unique. If every book followed the same format, we’d basically have a series of very long wikipedia pages. Sorry that the volume you read didn’t satisfy your curiosity.

  5. Suzanne Stuttman

    Please look into new artist Tobias Jesso, Jr., CD/LP “Goon”. Incredibly talented. Original new artist. Pls rec’ artist to M. Woodworth.


  6. Perhaps I missed an announcement regarding change in procedure, but is 33 1/3 no longer doing the all-at-once, mass-proposal approach? Are proposals now being submitted on a rolling, individual, on-going basis, or should we wait until the next proposal window is announced?

  7. PC

    Hi, not sure where else to ask this but I have been collecting many of your titles and came across a mistake that makes it confusing to put these on my bookshelf:

    The Abba book is # 7 in the series but on the new copy I purchased on amazon has the number 11 on the spine (as does my copy of your VU book)

    How can I get the right Abba book with #7 on the spine?


  8. Eric

    I would love to read about Adam & the Ants’ King of the Wild Frontier without having to write it. Is there anyone you can cajole into taking on that project?

  9. Joe stalvey

    Are the titles available as ebooks? Have you ever considered creating an online subscription archive/library for those who do not want to own the physical books? I would happily pay a fixed amount per month/year for access. Please let me know via email if either of these options already exist; I just became aware of your series.

  10. Ryan Coppieters

    Has Matt Rogers book on Maggot Brain been released? Or is it not even scheduled anymore? I ask because I ordered one more than a few years ago at my local CHAPTERS store here in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada and am STILL waiting. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Ryan Coppieters

  11. Paul Grandfield

    Hi, do you have or would you consider a subscription based purchase plan? For a monthly or quarterly or even annual subscription the subscriber would receive a hard copy of every book released in the 33 1/3 series.

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